Our company, NC Contractor Ptd Ltd, is a licensed and insured building contractor that adheres to Singapore building laws and regulations.


Our architects and engineers are well equipped with knowledge and experience to fulfill and complete projects on schedule. We will closely examine all requirements of our clients’ needs and present the greatest feasible Addition & Alteration solutions for the existing building’s new change of use and/or enhancement projects.


Behind every client’s desired outcome, consists of detailed engineering assessments of the existing building and new structural components, which are subsequently matched with aesthetic architectural work. We will provide our clients sincere advise based on our years of experience with Authority Submission of A&A works, allowing you to realize your vision while complying to all legislative rules and regulations.


Summary of A&A works includes but not limited to:

To provide a turnkey solution to our clients, NC Contractor Pte Ltd has a complete range of construction services, including Authority Submission, which is one of the most critical processes for Design & Build projects.

Our company will also extend these professional services to clients who merely seek Authority Submission by partnering with an experienced Qualified Person (QP) in the field of expertise. The various authorities related to construction works are as follows:

Some of these construction works require more than one authority submission. Authority submissions that we have been providing: